About Mediumastro.com

Mediumastro.com is the best consultant website that you can find online. Our mediums give you reliable and professional advice to all your questions 24/7.

Feedback from our customers and consultants is very important to us. This important input helps us to continue to improve our services and innovate!

Our goal

We started Mediumastro.com because we believe that we could be the biggest, and best platform for spiritual and/or paranormal contacts with a just few clicks… Every day we work hard to make this mission a reality. And we do everything to improve step by step.

Confidential chat

The most important thing for us is that you feel good when using our platform. To ensure this we only allow accredited paranormal and spiritual counsellors. Every consultant is screened and we ask everyone to leave a review about the consultant and the consultation.

All conversations are treated confidentially and our consultants have a strict confidentiality agreement. Every consultant has his or her own field in which he / she excels. Their profile allows you to see what their specialty is. Our consultants are real, sincere and helpful people. They offer a listening ear. All conversations are treated confidentially and our customers remain strictly anonymous.

Questions, comments or ideas


My name is Teresa.


If you have a question, you obviously want an answer as soon as possible! In my career I have been a supervisor in several (service) companies and have acquired many skills within the Customer Service sector.


My goal is to handle all your questions as quickly as possible. There is also a good chance that I am ultimately the one who handles your question, as we strive to personally assist you.


By asking me your questions and telling comments you also give us the possibility to improve the website and to supplement the frequently asked questions.


Since service never ends, you can always email or call me. I will respond quickly and, if necessary, call you back as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, you can contact us via customer service. We are happy to help!