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  • Claircognisant
  • Clairsentient
  • Pendulum
  • Relationship consultant
A master of ancient energy harnessing, stress reduction modalities and innate intuitive abilities, Sebastian is a highly skilled spiritual guide practitioner. Through gentle energy work and profound spiritual guidance, he aids individuals in releasing emotional blockages, finding inner peace, and restoring balance in their lives. His warm presence and genuine compassion create a transformative space for inner growth.
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Customer reviews

Healing from Within

Rating : 9

I sought Sebastian's guidance during a difficult period of my life. His ability to see beyond the surface and tap into my energy provided profound healing. Through our session, I gained clarity on past traumas and discovered methods to release emotional baggage. Sebastian's compassion and skillful approach created a safe space for my personal growth. I can't thank him enough.


Rating : 10

Sebastian was great spending time with me and answering all my questions regarding my relationship questions. I highly reccomend chatting with him.

Uncovering Hidden Paths

Rating : 10

Sebastian's psychic abilities are truly awesome!