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  • Angel reader
  • Clairsentient
  • Spiritual consultant
Serena, a clairaudient psychic and spiritual coach, assists individuals in unlocking their innate psychic abilities and navigating their spiritual journey. Through her nurturing guidance and practical tools, she empowers clients to develop their intuition, connect with their higher selves, and embrace their unique gifts. Serena's compassionate nature and intuitive wisdom create a supportive environment for spiritual growth.
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Customer reviews

Unveiling Hidden Potential

Rating : 8

Serena's psychic abilities have helped me unveil my hidden potential and talents. Her intuitive insights and guidance shed light on my unique gifts and empowered me to embrace them fully. Serena's gentle yet empowering approach inspired confidence and selfdiscovery and fulfillment.


Rating : 9

I had a healing session with Serena that brought deep emotional healing and release. Her intuitive healing techniques helped me address and heal from past traumas, allowing me to move forward with renewed strength. Serena's compassionate and nurturing presence created a safe and supportive environment for healing. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking emotional healing and growth.