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  • Astrologer
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Specialist in dream interpretation
Celeste, a spiritual intuitive and spiritual angel guide as well, specializes in energy clearing and chakra balancing. With intuitive insights and transformative energy work, she helps clients release blockages, restore harmony, and unlock their inner potential. Celeste's compassionate nature and transformative energy healing create a sacred space for healing and spiritual growth.
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Customer reviews

Divine Guidance and Inspiration

Rating : 8

Celeste's psychic abilities are accompanied by a profound connection to the divine. During our session, her intuitive insights and guidance provided me with divine inspiration and direction. Celeste's gentle and nurturing energy created a safe space for spiritual exploration and growth. I'm grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her services.


Rating : 9

I had an incredible healing session with Celeste that left me feeling spiritually renewed. Her intuitive healing techniques and energy work helped me release energetic blockages and find balance within myself. Celeste's loving presence and deep spiritual connection created a transformative and uplifting experience. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking spiritual healing and renewal.