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  • Claircognisant
  • Lightworker
  • Photo reading
  • Spiritual consultant
Asher, a spiritual mentor and intuitive life coach, guides individuals towards self-discovery and personal transformation. Through a supportive approach and intuitive guidance, he empowers clients to overcome obstacles, embrace their authenticity, and create lives aligned with their values and purpose. Asher's compassionate presence and insightful coaching inspire profound shifts and empowerment.
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Customer reviews


Rating : 9

Email me please if that would be great that fine with you


Rating : 8

Asher's psychic guidance has been instrumental in my personal growth journey. His intuitive insights and practical advice have helped me overcome obstacles and embrace personal transformation. Asher's gentle yet empowering approach encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and embrace positive change. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking guidance and growth.

Accurate Insights and Validation

Rating : 7

Asher's psychic abilities provided me with accurate insights and validation during our session. His intuitive understanding of my situation and the messages he conveyed were spot-on. Asher's warm and compassionate demeanor made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the reading. I'm grateful for his guidance and highly recommend his services.