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  • Astrologer
  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot cards
Orion, a gifted spiritual intuitive and tarot reader, taps into the mystical energies of the cosmos to provide deep insights and spiritual guidance. Through intuitive readings, he helps clients gain clarity, uncover hidden truths, and find direction in their lives. Orion's serene presence and profound understanding of the spiritual realm create a space of profound illumination and transformation.
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Customer reviews

Keiauna Hudson

Rating : 10

It was a very good experience and insightful. Gave me great advice.


Rating : 10

I enjoyed his interpretation of the cards.


Rating : 10

I really enjoying my consultation. I can relate to everything Orion was saying. Very truthful and honest ❤️. He is helping me discover myself and learn to walk in my purpose. Nothing but Gratitude from me. I can talk to him all day long. He gives me peace of mind

Connecting with Universal Wisdom

Rating : 7

My session with Orion was a profound experience of connecting with universal wisdom. His channeling abilities allowed me to receive messages and guidance from higher realms. Orion's grounded presence and deep spiritual connection made the session enlightening and transformative. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking spiritual connection and guidance.


Rating : 10

Orion's psychic abilities go beyond providing intuitive insights. He has a unique talent for helping others unlock their own intuitive abilities. During our session, he guided me through exercises and techniques that expanded my intuitive perception. Orion's patient and encouraging nature created a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth. I'm grateful for his guidance and highly recommend him for anyone seeking to develop their intuitive gifts.

Erica Fay

Rating : 10

Great person to talk to no matter the situation when I'm telling you I feel like Alice n wondeland I feel in the rabbit hole how far in this rabbit hole am I willing to go and here I have Orion he is my Cheshire Cat he always feels my energy and pops up when ever I don't even expect it I am just a girl that nobody will ever get but my orion thank you for being here with for me you are appreciated


Rating : 9

A fantastic experience. I feel at ease after my consultation.