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  • Energy-Balancer
  • Psychic
  • Relationship consultant
  • Specialist in dream interpretation
  • Spiritual consultant
I specialize in romantic and relationship counseling, and over the years, I've observed a sense of fatalism in many individuals when they confront personal challenges. However, I've found that a straightforward analysis of both partners' energies can be a powerful tool in resolving conflicts and overcoming obstacles. Instead of perceiving closed doors, I provide you with the keys to unlock them. This approach has helped clients extensively and been highly effective in finding resolution and happiness. If you're seeking guidance in matters of the heart, don't hesitate to reach out to me at any moment.
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Customer reviews


Rating : 7

He provided much-needed advice that was spot on for my situation. Even though it was tough, I appreciated hearing it. Thank you.


Rating : 10

Gives nothing less than a terrific consult. Rourke pays attention to detail, is genuine, realistic but supportive, expresses concern where its appropriate, and encouraging. Having a guy like this for help makes any of the work that may be required in transformation absolutely refreshing. I highly suggest him.


Rating : 10

Rourke, thank you for your help. I appreciate your insight and advice, it means a lot and I will work on the things you have reminded me of. God bless.